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Kanchan Dawn Hunter

Spiral Gardens Community Food Security Project
Community Outreach Director
2850 Sacramento St., Berkeley, CA 94702
Kanchan Dawn Hunter is the Co-Creator of the 1st Annual Women of Color Herbal Symposium and Co-Director at Spiral Gardens Community Food Security Project

Spiral Gardens grows a large variety of useful plants for sale and at the free community farm. Kanchan spends a great deal of her time teaching children and adults, about how to identify, grow, harvest, dry, prepare and use medicinal plants in urban soil, as well as seed saving and food production.

As an environmental/food justice activist and Black farmer, Kanchan is interested in how best to put land back into the hands of the people most often kept from it. She believes Earth provides everything we need to live well and to heal and her vision is to find us all connected with each other in service to Life and the Earth who nourishes us all.